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Ryan Yakus has been shared in 19 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Adam Black6,745The Doc Whobies/Fandom CircleBy popular Demand, my Circle Sharing Continues...This was Originally a #DoctorWho Fans Circle  with added Added #Browncoats and #ScienceFiction #Fandom  ( started out from Peter Edenist, but I  weeded it & doubled it )If you are tagged,  you are in it.This was my First Great GooglePlus Circle, and its filled with Interesting People that will give an all-over shot of awesome to your stream.Weblink for Mobile Users:https://plus.google.com/u/0/108177944448520252638/posts/bmyr4RtwQVfRecent SciFi Posts:Red Dwarf Is back :https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AdamBlack/posts/MhaycJuj3aHNew Mind-Blowing Ambient Film score to Metropolis( free Download. Trust me, You want this  )https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AdamBlack/posts/MsMJkKkyYJ4Other Upcoming Coming Circle Shares include:Cognitive/PhilosophyOfMind ( started from Peter Wells and Iv added lot of new relevant people )The Geekerati:You can recommend People to this one.  Authors, Scientists, Actors... They are famous or talented...PoliticalReform( started out with the AntiSopa movement and turned Hard Left at Romney, and more  center after #Justice4Aaron Aaron Swartz death  and Snowden.  If you are progressive you may love it, if Libertarian its probably  a mix Love/hate  )If you want to be added to those circles,  before I share them, let me know#GeekCulture   #CircleShare #DrWho   #scififans   #DoctorWhoCircle  2014-04-14 13:16:4124612014CC G+
Farran Lee21,875Here are the R.E.D.* people I circle.Circle them up, they're good at maths.#equality #gaymarriage #RED* Retired, Extremely Dangerous (or so I hear)Sorry if I missed you. You're just not equal enough.(And sorry if you don't like to be circle-shared, although if you're concerned about that kinda thing then you shouldn't be posting publicly anyway.)2013-03-29 04:15:253914010CC G+
Mark Crowley7,664If you are finding G+ too quiet I'm going to share a few circles. Sciency people, Canadians and Doctor Who Fans.This is a circle of only 241 known Whovians (that's what Dr. Who fans call ourselves, you either understand it or you don't)2012-11-21 09:20:17242133CC G+
Jessica Wood11,871Along with the launch of our +Doctor Who Circle page I thought it was a good time to share my personal Doctor Who Circle. If you aren't in it and think you should be...Let me know! #DoctorWho  2012-11-14 01:31:003361728CC G+
Stephanie Van Pelt30,682Gallifrey circle 2 of 2 as cultivated by +Tiffany Marshall and me! Doctor Who fans for #whovianwednesday  2012-08-01 18:49:043628222CC G+
Mikki Torres0for Ms +Kendra Trahan My Android circle... Feel free to start off mine. Some are just android users and some are more advanced.2012-07-23 14:20:5240302CC G+
Stephanie Van Pelt23,728My Gallifrey circle just got an enormous bump. Enjoy!2012-06-08 01:40:0140720522CC G+
Jessica Wood7,684Doctor Who CircleIf any of you who are in my circles should be in my DW circle and feel you should be....LET ME KNOW!+Becky Cox +Michael Babcock2012-05-07 15:01:27211816CC G+
Sivan Rehan6,130The coolest Android people circle.If you want to be added please let me know!2012-04-04 18:58:0846250318CC G+
Kate Blass6,591This is my tentative circle of sports fans. Share and pick through it, there are some die hard fans in here with great sports related posts. If you'd like to be included just +1 the damn thing.2012-03-06 03:01:49406012CC G+
Sivan Rehan4,457My updated Android interactive users circle.Share it so we can meet more awesome people!2012-02-29 15:33:27476221113CC G+
Sherree Worrell0This is my circle of friends that share all things Android. It was originally started by +Tejas Richard. Please feel free to re-share (and don't forget to add yourself)!2012-02-24 03:12:572121413CC G+
Andrij „Andrew“ Harasewych3,345The Ultimate Doctor Who Circle.A Circle in Two Parts: Part TWOWho fans unite!If you want in, simply share and +1 this post. If you want out, please let me know in the comments.2012-02-17 09:19:2741032313CC G+
Fulvio Gerardi0Some people have not been included in your shared circle. Only 500 people can shared at one time.sigh had to happen I suppose. This Dr Who circle is now at 521. So some time between now and the next share I guess I'll have to split it. Apologies to the people who got culled this time around. :(2011-12-17 02:33:29500602CC G+
Ayoub Khote5,490And, as I'm sharing circles...Here is the updated, latest and greatest Whovian Circle!Ayoub Khote shared a circle with you.2011-10-28 20:39:3634844610CC G+
Fulvio Gerardi0Sharing my Dr Who circle again because I've been adding a lot of new people to it lately. Also I'm wondering how often we should reshare these things? Weekly, Monthly, when they grow by x%, Never??? Has anyone worked out an appropriate etiquette for this yet?Fulvio Gerardi shared a circle with you.2011-10-25 06:38:574503525CC G+
Torsten Schröder0Doctor Who fansTorsten Schröder hat einen Kreis mit Ihnen geteilt.2011-10-22 20:17:09286001CC G+
Ayoub Khote4,703As requested, my Whovians circle...Initial credit goes to +Scott Leffler and +Jessica Wood for setting it up and updating :D:DAyoub Khote shared a circle with you.2011-10-20 20:10:463325317CC G+
Jessica Wood579Here is an updated Doctor Who Circle If you don't see yourself in it...like or comment and I will add you!OH....love the new Include yourself in shared circle option!Jessica Wood shared a circle with you.2011-10-17 13:42:2932532218CC G+


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posted image

2014-04-05 01:09:37 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

sharing this here too now because I'm really proud of this knot, you guys

posted image

2014-04-04 17:00:21 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2014-04-04 16:06:52 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

When night falls, Marseille comes to life. Explore this city like never before with #PromenadeNocturne, an immersive digital adventure from Google. What are you waiting for? http://g.co/nightwalk

posted image

2014-04-03 20:44:23 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

well I mean now I'm kinda interested in this Betty Lundegard lady...

posted image

2014-04-01 23:11:56 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

h/t the always informed +Andre' Cholmondeley.

Canadian whack job Ted Cruz gets his ass handed to him, social media style. Made what Jenny McCarthy went through look like a love tap.

2014-03-28 16:16:38 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

on the android app, could you please give us the option of disabling the in-app browser? Now that link bubble exists, I'd much rather be able to click on a feed snippet (when I have view in browser set) and have it open in the background. this would completely solve my problem with all the annoying feeds that insist on truncating.

posted image

2014-03-11 14:55:58 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)



2014-03-10 19:57:35 (7 comments, 1 reshares, 1 +1s)

I'd like to use autonotification to simulate a press on a hangout notification, so the app will open to the current conversation

hopefully I have the right plugin for what I'd like to do (and hopefully I can do what I'm trying to do). I'd like to create a task where when I receive an IM/text message from google hangouts, the screen will turn on and the app will load to the conversation. Basically as if I had pulled down the notification shade and pressed the notification. 

I have autonotification and the premium pass and I tried to grab the intents from a hangout message, but I don't know how to get the 'notification press' or what to do with it once I have it. can anybody help?

posted image

2014-03-10 05:11:28 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

+Stone Brewing Co. - Go To IPA
Session IPA
ABV: 4.5%
IBU:  65
SRM: 2-3
Enjoy by Date: 06/04/14 (90 day shelf life so this little guy is only 5 days or less in the bottle!)

Pours a perfectly clear light golden color with about 2 fingers sudsy foam with a surprising amount of retention for such a light colored and low abv beer. I don't think I have had a beer this light in awhile. The aroma is stunning, light stone fruit (peaches and mango) and hints of honeydew with an almost tropical dank quality. Underneath that you get a good amount of wet fresh hops with a little pine and citrus.  I don't think it's possible this bottle has seen a single ray of sun (this is a good thing) Flavor; just wow. This is positively stuffed with dry hopped pine and citrus in the front end and has that wet soppy dank fruit that rolls around on the pallet throughout, thereis... Mer »

posted image

2014-03-10 04:58:39 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

okay Google Now, show me the hovertext and then we'll be in business 

posted image

2014-03-07 05:08:45 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 5 +1s)

Speed reading app

And just like that, Google was on it (if they aren't already)...  http://goo.gl/Afq1qv.

What Spritz does differently (and brilliantly) is manipulate the format of the words to more appropriately line them up with the eye’s natural motion of reading.

The “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP) is slightly left of the center of each word, and is the precise point at which our brain deciphers each jumble of letters.

The unique aspect of Spritz is that it identifies the ORP of each word, makes that letter red and presents all of the ORPs at the same space on the screen.

via HuffingtonPost, Top Photo Credit: We Heart It

2014-03-02 18:23:44 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

the worst feeling in the world: finding out that bo burnham has a tv show, bingeing the first season on amazon prime, looking up season 2 and finding out it's been cancelled. :(


posted image

2014-02-27 14:08:37 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


2014-02-25 02:14:28 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

who's got two thumbs and just won a pint of pliny the younger? this guy

thanks +Beachwood Bbq! 

posted image

2014-02-22 05:19:43 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 2 +1s)

2014-02-19 22:16:44 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

the stock kit kat keyboard has a feature I haven't been able to find anywhere else that I love. 

it enables me to set the button to the left of the spacebar (with the globe icon) to switch to a secondary keyboard. I use lastpass and this is indispensable for quick log ins. is there any chance this could be implemented?

posted image

2014-02-19 01:33:03 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Bahaha, I can't breeve!

#nomercy   #crossedup   #yallgonnalearntoday  

posted image

2014-02-16 01:14:25 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

Suddenly, Dodge cars look much better. 

posted image

2014-02-14 14:32:43 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Happy Valentine's Day from #GoogleDoodle and #ThisAmericanLife

posted image

2014-02-14 05:21:03 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Victory in Virginia! Federal court rules for marriage equality!

The Federal District Court just ruled that Virginia’s marriage ban violates the U.S. Constitution. It said that loving couples like our plaintiffs, Tim Bostic & Tony London and Carol Schall & Mary Townley are entitled to the same basic rights and protections as every other American.

This is a monumental victory—for Virginia and our country—and the first of its kind for a state in the South.

While the decision will not go into effect immediately—it has been stayed pending appeal—this is a great cause for celebration.

source: http://www.afer.org/blog/victory-in-virginia-federal-court-rules-on-marriage-equality/

posted image

2014-02-12 14:47:31 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

I was going to be so out but now greta gerwig so I AM SO IN.

posted image

2014-02-09 17:23:47 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

this movie is heart breaking. I had no idea it was philip seymour hoffman, but of course it's philip seymour hoffman

posted image

2014-02-08 17:38:20 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 1 +1s)

Why Olympics logo glitched :

#sochi   #olympics  

2014-01-24 21:33:24 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

TIL that google should never, ever let their site reliability team out of their dungeon 

posted image

2014-01-22 15:37:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

woman with brain cancer fills index cards with a scramble of letters. her grandchild thinks it might be a cipher, asks the internet for help.

this makes me wonder how amazing 4chan could be if they used their powers for good instead of evil

posted image

2014-01-20 17:37:49 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

well done, deadspin

posted image

2014-01-12 19:24:36 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Toonbombing Toronto!  Googly eyes everywhere!

(h/t +JB Segal)

posted image

2014-01-08 00:21:07 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

take a moment to remember that there was a time when brett butler was a person who could lend somebody ten thousand dollars

posted image

2014-01-06 22:58:58 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 4 +1s)


2014-01-04 06:25:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

no matter what else happens, at least we got our nicholas cage episode of community. thanks dan harmon!


2014-01-02 23:37:44 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

so like, shia labeouf is really just brilliantly forcing us to become more well read, right?

2014-01-02 21:33:47 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

hooray for hollywood!

posted image

2014-01-02 21:01:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)


posted image

2014-01-02 18:25:01 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

cool. an entire episode of sendups.

posted image

2013-12-30 23:20:42 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)


posted image

2013-12-27 19:05:24 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

If I've learned anything this past year, it's that the key to these cryptocurrencies is to get in on the ground floor. so obviously I'll be converting all my dunning-kruggerands to this new coin with the familiar sounding name

posted image

2013-12-27 07:04:04 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 11 +1s)

These were pretty funny and mostly true, not gonna lie.

posted image

2013-12-26 23:22:17 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

okay now I know what I want done with my body when I die. consider this my living will

somebody notarize it kthnx

h/t +Shantel Dodson 

posted image

2013-12-19 16:33:11 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 2 +1s)

Oh boy. I am going to have so much fun with this ... It supports #Hangouts too! 

FaceRig Lets You Embody Virtual Characters


posted image

2013-12-18 17:00:08 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

well played, trending box

posted image

2013-12-16 03:35:25 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 6 +1s)

she gets me

posted image

2013-12-14 03:54:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

I lold.

posted image

2013-12-12 04:26:56 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

you guys, the true meaning of Christmas is Kevin McAllister cringing in horror at your relatives

posted image

2013-12-12 00:15:05 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)


posted image

2013-12-10 23:45:35 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Barack was sitting next to the prime minister of Denmark, and then Michelle was all like "oh no you did not just do that"...

posted image

2013-12-08 04:09:43 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

the best Hitchcock spoof (YOU HEARD ME, SIMPSONS)

if this show gets canceled I blame all of you, and you don't want that hanging over your head.

posted image

2013-12-07 02:40:54 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

okay, +Brett Yakus (or +Tara McLean/ +Breony Paramo) I'm with this girl. I want a little thing that can turn into anything at anytime

posted image

2013-11-30 16:22:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 10 +1s)

I ♥ rashida jones

posted image

2013-11-27 19:09:58 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)


2013-11-27 05:00:23 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

pretty sure the eastbound and down series finale was the best series finale of the year YEAH I SAID IT, BREAKING BAD


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